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The initial purpose for this web site is to allow anyone who wishes to download a rough draft of the book “Sirens’ Song – America’s Betrayal”.  Essentially this book contains a summary of information which has been openly available, one place or another, in the press or internet, however it is fair to say that the dots have never been connected.  The growth of the “Progressive movement” in America has profoundly influenced this country in ways we may never understand, and in ways I for one would never have believed possible, had I not witnessed it before my eyes.

This is an examination of both the current international financial collapse and Communism, in the USA and world wide, and how the Clinton Administration, the Bush Administration, and the Obama Administration are and have been involved.

Specifically, the assembly of information upon which Siren’s Song is based, began in 2008 as a personal study to understand why the housing industry had collapsed in 2007 and 2008, and what caused the violent financial happenings as a result of this collapse.  You may or may not be surprised at what I found.

What I found was an indication that the entire financial disaster in the United States and the subsequent societal collapse felt around the world was very possibly caused intentionally.  Our financial disaster was no accident, and if the end result was not known at the onset, it should have been.  My investigation led me to conclusions concerning not only the causes of this mortgage centered disaster, but conclusions concerning external influences which portend the possibility of much greater disaster in this country.

The book “Siren’s Song – America’s Betrayal” is indeed in a rough draft form and has not been proof read, however I feel the information contained within is much too important to prevent all release.  Every voter in the United States should know the truth about what is being done to them.  Feel free to download the un-proof read version as I am able to update it and make it available.  Should you have ANY constructive suggestions, please feel free to write me at

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  1. Ed,

    I’ve been saying this for years! People have to know this stuff. You need to get on FOX to refute the crap that Clinton will spew on the dumbed-downed sheep who think the Dems actually care about anything but buying votes to stay in power, through their social reengineering!

    What ‘s your full name? I’m sending a copy of this to Hannity and other’s – it’s got to get out there! That’s how the Dems got in in the first place, because McCain and everybody else had no repsones to their (the Dems) rediculous contention that, “Why should we go backwords to the same policies that got us into this mess into the first place.” Implying that it was the Republicans were to blame. But they know and are good at repeating lies consistantly to shape a narrative because they know they have the “Lame-street media” TOTALLY in their pocket. This has got to get out!!!!! Plus, when the republicans would never even try to put your information out there as a counter-argument to that rediculous contention that it was Bush’s fault, people automatically think – “it must be true because the Republican never even protested to that charge!!!!” BINGO – that’s how we lost!! On that argument right there, because we didn’t have YOU, who researched it and can pinpoint in historical facts what THEY did! Like a New Yorker said to Springsteen when he pulled up next to him at a parking spot that overlooked NYC from NJ; “Where have you been, man? WE NEED YOU!!!” Spread the word!!! We (the World) Needs You!



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